The Shikshan CRM solution provides your enterprise with the ability to connect all the key and integral person as in your organization together through a single portal enabling them to input, inform, exchange and manage the key aspects and intricacies of their educational life.

At first, The representative needs to fill the details of the school in the form enclosed. 

1) Name of the School

2) Name of the concerned person

3) Phone number

4) Email ID

5) Strength of the School

A confirmation call will be made from the Team to the concerned person.

The agreement needs to be signed between the school and Indian smart hub

It is built on the principle that each client has a unique set of CRM needs. It is a framework-based product, comprising a core set of CRM functionality. It is agile, having the flexibility to add new modules to customize it to the specific client requirements. It is very secure with three layers of firewall protection. It is a highly available AWS cloud-hosted solution. It is able to deliver 100% of the client’s CRM requirements. It has the most competitive rates of any CRM provider. According to the institution's needs and requirements, Shikshan Ed provides complete end-to-end solutions. Complete Campus Automation Solution for Schools, Colleges and Institutes. Complete CRM Package and 24X7 Support. Note: Prices Mentioned Below Are Exclusive Of Taxes.

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