Indian Smart Hub is an e-commerce company started in 2018. We aim at providing digital services and products. The digital services we provide aims at giving a brief about how our process involves and what output it delivers for very smooth access to your needs with ease. The cloud solution storage is very important and we make sure to give you a kind of output for the services you look for. Our doorway is a form of raised, flat supporting surface meant to make a sweet and lovable vision with attributing basic aspects for it. Our doorway is divided into five sections which makes a work process easier and understandable for the use. The website is matched up to provide very smooth services; therefore we make sure to fulfil our customer's needs while we are involved in producing an output which gives you complete happiness.

Indian Smart Hub Is Divided Into Five Sections:-

Educational Basket

EduBasket is an educational platform that provides educational services, automation of campuses, integration of educational backpack. It also provides security and attendance solution system so that the school management can keep a record. Moreover, EduBasket also helps to create online test for various entrance exams. It is the platform that can help students to crack exams easily.

Financial Flux

Financial Flux is a section where we allow customers to fulfil their financial constraints like GST and ITR Filing, Trademark Registration, Company Registration, etc. We help the customers to balance the financial management, and we offer many more services for our customer's needs.

Creative Gallery

Our Creative Gallery is the creative section of the company. We offer services like branding, print Ads, App development, digital marketing and website development. We give you a complete satisfactory makeover of the website we create.

Smart Serve

: Our Smart Serve section involves outsourcing bill recharges like mobile bill recharge, DISH recharge, electricity bill, etc. We also provide travel desk like booking of hotels, buses and flights. You can also apply for the driving license and voter ID through our portal. Moreover, our Smart Serve provides banking services and insurance services as well.


JAGSUN Mall section provides Smart LED TV, AC, Raksha GPS Tracker, Suraksha Security System and 3D Hologram. Raksha GPS Tracker is a GPS tracking solution ideally for vehicles, children, elderly and luggage. Suraksha Security System is used for anti theft. 3D Hologram is for the advertising.

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